One of the major trends of 2014 had taken place with MULTICOOKER first intelligent multifunction cooker — unique Russian Kitchen innovation based on traditional Japanese ricecooker design. After years of research we create something new – perfect Cooking machine for European culinary traditions. Russia, former USSR countries and Eastern Europe is a huge market with authentic cooking culture and specific design requirements. Taste, functions and programs must be adopted for preparing everyday meals both quickly, easy, safety and well.
Selling of multicookers looks like blast – from 1000 units in 2010 up to 4 000 000 in 2013 and growing up. Annual market capacity around 5 000 000 for units with cost 20-35 USD, 2 000 000 pcs for units with cost 35-60 USD and 1 000 000 for units with cost 60- 90 USD in Russia only. For all Eastern Europe market forecast — more then 20 000 000 units annually for next 10 years.

Our company provide professional Industrial Design service for the market of kitchen appliances, including testing, recipe programming and new functions implementation for adaptation your products for Russian markets requirements.
In our company, we have native Russian chefs and software engineers who have great experience in cooking and redesign with all kind of kitchen appliances.
Our mission: to provide easy and flexible R&D service for anyone who working on kitchen appliances market and want expand business with better understanding customer needs. If you would like informations on any local aesthetic design culture, national culinary features, cooking methods context, let us know.
We dare to be your professional engineering, marketing and design team. We design for your brand not only best machine, but trusted name for millions customers.
For you, we are ready to start production of a unique Multicookings with a number of fundamental technological improvements, in comparison with existing ones.
The device’s cost (FOB Shenzhen) will not exceed $ 50 for models with an LED display. There are no analogues of such devices on the Russian Federation market, so the retail sale price may exceed wore then 200 dollars.

Main advantages:

1. Superfast heating by Infrared Emitter based on the carbon filament (hereinafter Carbon heating).
By speed of heating and cooling, lack of inertia heating and ease of control, carbon can be compared only with a gas burner and that gives users unlimited possibilities for accuracy and speed capacity control. As a material — carbon is reliable and cheap, this makes it the optimal replacement for traditional types of heating — aluminum heater, tape heatsink and halogen lamp. The usage of carbon fibre heater will allow to add many features and programs in the control panel of Multicookings that were not previously available on devices with other technologies heating.
2. The upper heating element.
Carbonic heater built into the lid, will transform developing device in actually UNIVERSAL Multikookings — kitchen appliance with unlimited opportunities for culinary creativity. 300-WATT infrared radiation, integrated in the cover of the unit, will allow the new Multikookings to satisfy 99% of demand for thermal processing of food.
3. Removable inner lids.
The ability to change the inner lids (with IR emitter, cooking under pressure, for sensing applications, aerogrill, and bakery) will make the device as universal as possible.
4. Universal control panel.
The control panel will give the user complete freedom to adjust all the settings of the device at any time. Depending on preference and style of use, the user will be able manually adjust the time, power and temperature, in a word, all the settings and modes or use automatic programs. There is also an opportunity to use its computer for programming recipes (NFC interface).

You can be the FIRST to present this device on the Russian market and get all the profit!

We can also help you to form a balanced range of Multikookings devices.
We can modify the design of models in the economy segment.
Or offer solutions in the premium segment: $ 80 for a model with a touch screen display 320×240 inches, 120 dollars for device with mounted bread baking functions.

We invite the interested company to become a financial partner of the project at any stage of the development or act as ODM buyer of the finished product upon completion of its development and implementation.

Benefits of earlier accession to the project:

1. The ability to make deeper changes in design and functionality of an exclusive version of the device for your brand.
2. To supervise all stages of the development and pricing of components and materials.
3. The ability to participate in the selection of suppliers and the flexibility to adjust the time and cost of development and production.
4. To determine the prospects for the 2-3 year plans for the development of the product.
5. To patent exclusive solutions and to claim copyright on the markets promptly.
6. To have a unique opportunity to observe and participate in the process of professional engineering work.
7. Advance planning of advertising, marketing activities and focus groups.
8. No rush jobs, problems with China’s «mentality» and regard for competitors to get exclusive equipment, which is market relevant.

The development of the device is currently an open process. All events steps are published on our website-blog www.wonderwerk.ru. The project is actively discussed on the main thematic forums: iXBT.com and Multivarka.ru. That ensures the ability to get the opinions and advice of a wide range, for choosing optimal solutions for both technical and marketing areas. This, in its turn, forms the feedback with the future users of the device, makes a study of requirements and preferences, and fixes possible errors in design and programming.
The development process is divided into logical stages:
1. Development and testing of electronics and software.
2. Development and testing of functional designs.
3. Design development and production of samples.
4. Search and testing suppliers.
5. Production of test lots.
In parallel with the main activity, the project «national Multicookings» provides services on testing of any kitchen appliances, compiling recipes, programming devices, installation electronics software on factories-partners of the customer, professional photography and text copyrighting.

Why business is beneficial with us and whats our advantages:

We are in permanent contact with major of Russian and European retailers and  vendors and we are recommend factories which use our service. If you ask for programming your products with Russian Chef we mark your factory and items with our special sign “National Multicooker”. Its mean your product tested and approval for authentic national taste requirements. Its means your customers can buy your Multicookers with trusted software and display design.

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